Casa de Cat Hotel

Terms & Conditions

Rooms size

Standard room : 350B. / night (1-2cats)

VIP room : 500B. / night (3-4cats)

Cat’s Requirements

Cats must be 4 months or over

Requires 3 standard vaccinations: Feline Pen leukopenia / Leukemia / Rabies

No disease: including Cat Flu, Cat Fungus, Cat Tick

Closed system raise

Necessary Documents and Stuffs

A Proof of vaccination

A Copy of owner ID card

Cat food

Cat sand (Incase, your cat get used to specific sand)


Contact our Facebook Casa de Cat Hotel

Call 0972360256 for Reservation

Deposit 50 percent for usual / 70 percent of the whole cost for long weekends and holidays

Other Services


We have Royal Canin(Fit) for sell


We provide shuttle service, depend on route

For more information

Line ID

By phone number : 0865716504


For English Call 0972360256

For long weekend, please booking early about 2 months

Location : near MRT Hualumphong , Rama4

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